About Us

About Us

The main purpose of Imhotep is to ensure that our products reach the customer in the same standard and in the safest way with a quality and process oriented production approach.

lmhotep as sample applications in the world and in Turkey, following the application areas with new suppliers and the latest technological products we offer to our customers.

  • Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level without sacrificing quality,
  • Guarantees that the product put on the market has the technical specifications stipulated in the standards,
  • Keeping the product quality at the highest level by ensuring the effective implementation of the quality system at all stages of production,
  • Follows the quality processes periodically, analyzes the results and makes continuous improvements with corrective and preventive actions,
  • Ensuring the participation of every employee in the organization, planning and carrying out all necessary training activities to raise awareness of quality, ensuring that it is gathered around the same mission, vision and strategy, and creates a common corporate culture,
  • Ensuring the effective operation of the quality system in order to meet customer requests and legal expectations,
  • Providing resources for improvement activities by constantly reviewing the effectiveness of the existing quality system, established in line with the quality policy,
  • Producing its products with a proactive understanding against risks.

The services we provide for humanity and health that make us great.

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